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Gateshead Drain Unblocking & Drainage Services

Highly rated North East drainage & groundwork services.

We will unblock any drain. Drainage companies near me.

Blocked drain? Need a toilet unblocker? NE Drains are happy to help with drain unblocking. We also specialise in all forms of groundwork services.

NE Drains is the parent company of two, already well established, drainage and groundwork service companies operating in the North East of England. Diamond Drainage and Groundworks Limited and Drainage, Plumbing and Groundworks operate throughout the region but primarily focus their work in Teeside and County Durham. NE Drains recognises the high quality services that these two companies offer and, as parent company, is now able to offer the exact high quality workmanship and value for money in the Sunderland and Tyneside area. 

Business Hours

24/7, 365 days a year.

Business Phone

0191 349 7418


North East England

We'll beat any quote guaranteed!

Having a large stake in the North East market allows us to be very competitive and drive down prices so that our customers get the very best price on any projects undertaken. We refuse to be beaten on price and will beat any genuine like-for-like quotation. 

Don't be fooled by 'cowboys' offering cheap "deals", you want to be sure that the work undertaken is to the highest of standards and will stand the test of time. With NE Drains you can sleep easy knowing our qualified and experienced team of professionals will give every job the care and attention it requires so that you get the very best value for your money. 

Equally, don't be drawn into national companies that charge hefty fees for callouts such as DYNO Rod or Local Heroes. Shop local for the very best prices and support a local business stay afloat during these difficult times in the process. 

Please call us to discuss your individual needs or submit a quotation request for one of our team to get in touch with you.

Drain unblock price comparison:

Let us do the hard work for you. We've scouted the internet to find the prices of a standard drain unblock. Not many companies on the net will commit a price without looking at the job first. Those that do are way beyond any price we'd expect to charge. Take a look at how we stack up against the national companies.

The numbers speak for themselves, the costs involved in sourcing trades people who are substitutes for national companies is staggering, with national companies taking huge amounts of commission but knowing many will opt for the easy option and go with a name they recognise. We beg you not to, it can save you a small fortune and it allows smaller, local businesses to keep trading. 

As we expand our business, we hope to be a regular choice when it comes to drain unblocking and groundworks for yourself, your family and your friends living in the North East of England. 

Get Me A Quote

Please ensure you provide a contact number or Email address so that we can contact you regarding your request.



You may wish to upload images to support us with getting you the best time and best quote for your work.

What can we promise from our drainage companies?

It is important you understand how hard we work to ensure we are the top rated drainage companies in the North East of England. Therefore, we make the following promises for NE Drains:

  • Primarily, we are a local, family run, business. We understand the importance of family, friends and doing the right thing. Every job we carry out, we carry out with the care and attention that we would give to any family member. 
  • We will offer a free emergency call out.
  • Our free emergency callout will be applicable for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
  • We will negotiate an unbeatable quote to ensure you get the best possible price.
  • Our drainage company is cheaper than the larger, well-known, companies such as Dyno or Local Heroes.
  • Our drainage company comes with a team of experienced, qualified and certified professionals.
  • Our drainage company will be punctual and update you on any delays.
  • The work of our drainage company will be nothing short of outstanding.

FREE Emergency Drain Callout 24/7, 365 Days of the year.

Unbeatable quotes. Cheaper than Dyno or Local Heroes

Same day drain unblock, clean or repair quote and service.

Support your local businesses in the North East of England

Common Services

Blocked Drain, Drain Unblocking, Toilet Unblocker

Drain unblock, toilet unblocking, sink unblocking

One of our most common services and one we receive many call outs for. Perhaps water is not draining away in toilets and sinks within your home or you may have a drain outside that is not draining away rainwater or household water.


Groundworks, foundations & construction

Our groundworks services are usually required to implement the first-phase of the construction process. We are able to undertake all aspects of work to a formation level. For any groundworks in the North East, NE Drains offer a very professional service and of course all of our team are fully qualified. Our quotations are free of charge with no obligation so please feel free to contact us and we will let you know the full extent of the work that needs to be carried out.

Drain Unblocking, Drain Unclog, Drain Cleaning, Sink Unblocking, Toilet Unblocking, Driveways, Groundworks, Property Maintenance - You name it and we probably do it.

CCTV Drain Inspection, Drain Survey

CCTV drain inspection & drain surveys

It can be very frustrating knowing that you have a blockage in one of your drains but not knowing where it is. We don't recommend digging up drainage for no reason as this is costly and can be upsetting. Therefore, any blockages that are not apparent we are able to investigate using a CCTV camera which we feed into the drain and use to monitor where the blockage is and evaluate the best way to remove it.

Driveways, Walkways, Patios

Driveways, walkways & patios

Driveways, walkways or patios - you name it and we will do it. More and more we are being asked to produce a range of paving designs. We can work with you to decide on the best type of groundwork and then proceed with the design and construction.

Driveways, Walkways, Patios

Bathroom Fitting & Repair, Radiator Installation & Repair, Pipe Rerouting

Our team can cover all types of plumbing work, from mending burst pipes and leaking radiators to tap replacements and bathroom suite installations. We can supply and fit new sinks, baths, toilets, taps and bidets. We can help with water temperature problems throughout your property or install new appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher.

High Pressure Drain Jetting, Drain Cleaning

High pressure drain jetting, drain cleaning

Noticed a bad smell coming from your drains or a build up of grime? With our high pressure water jet we can clean and clear drains in minutes leaving them tidy and less smelly. Pouring a bucket of hot water and bleach doesn't cut through the dirt and within days the smell will be back. Give us a call and we will blast away the grime, along with any bad smell.

Septic Tank, Sewage Treatment Plants

Septic tank systems, sewage treatment plants

As of 1st January 2020, septic tanks are no longer allowed to discharge to a watercourse, or to a soakaway system other than a drainage field. Make sure you are ready for the new regulations - read through our information on the new regulations and see how we can carry out any septic tank installation, replacement or drainage field groundworks.

Driveways, Walkways, Patios

Residential & commercial work undertaken

We are happy to service residential and commercial customers across the North East of England. A business premises needs to operate just as well as any home, that's why we offer our outstanding service, at the exact same value for money, to all of our customers.

5* Service Guaranteed

You'll find our drain unblocking company on Yell, our drainage company on Trustatrader, our drain cleaning company on Rated People, our drain unlbocker company on Checkatrade, our drain survey company on FreeIndex and our drain inspection company on Trustpilot. You'll find them all, with 5* reviews and each come highly recommended. From Teeside drain unblocks to Tyneside drain unblocks - we've got you covered.

Yell - 5* Drain Unblocking, Unblock Drain, Toilet Unblocker
Trustatrader - 5* Drain Unblocking, Unblock Drain, Toilet Unblocker
Rated People - 5* Drain Unblocking, Unblock Drain, Toilet Unblocker
Checkatrade - 5* Drain Unblocking, Unblock Drain, Toilet Unblocker
FreeIndex - 5* Drain Unblocking, Unblock Drain, Toilet Unblocker
Trustpilot - 5* Drain Unblocking, Unblock Drain, Toilet Unblocker

We come highly recommended - See for yourself

I found NE Drains from a quick search and submitted my job. I wasn't too hopeful for a quick response but was worth a try. Within minutes NE Drains contacted me to arrange a time to come and unblock my drain. Within the hour they had pulled up and unloaded their equipment to sort the job out. I was so impressed with how quick everything was. The service of NE Drains was amazing and so much cheaper than I expected, given the fast callout time. Will be recommending to friends and family.

Rebecca in Peterlee

We recently moved into a new property and wanted to move a bathroom. We needed to therefore rearrange all of the outdoor drainage. We put a job post on NE Drains as we knew they had links with plumbing as well. NE Drains were able to quickly arrange for us to speak with a plumbing expert who answered our questions and guided our decision to get the bathroom we wanted but making sensible decisions about the location of the sink, toilet, bath and shower so that the plumbing costs were kept to a minimum and remained aesthetically pleasing outside our home. With that advice we asked NE Drains to do the work for us and we are so impressed with the finished product.

Jo in Otterburn

Needed some support with toilets and drains after being sat for so long unused during COVID-19. Posted job on NE Drains. NE Drains got in touch almost immediately and after a discussion decided it would be useful to come out and inspect the drains. They conducted a CCTV scan and then removed the blockage. Good price, local business and hard working. Thanks.

Steve in Hartlepool

Things we get asked

How much does a drain or toilet unblock cost?

NE Drains come with a wide range of technology. Most drain unblocks can be done within minutes using drain rods. Some may require a CCTV inspection to find the cause of the blockage and the best way to tackle it. On average, all of our drain unblocks come at a cost of just £39.00 unless there is additional, unforseen, work to carry out (but we will discuss this with you). Our prices are at least 50% cheaper than the likes of Dyno-Rod or Local Heroes. Take a look at their prices, then come back and let us get you a much better price locally.

How long will you be?

Firstly, identify whether it's an emergency or not. If you need us rapidly then why not try our Quick Call feature? This will directly connect you with our highly experienced drainage team. They can then determine the quickest time they can get to you. If you're not in such a rush and would like us to look over your job description and contact you with our recommendations then submit a job description and we will fully consider your request and get back to you as soon as possible. Rest assured, we will connect you with a professional drainage team the very same day you submit your request as long as it is within business hours; our team needs to sleep sometimes.

It's 2am and my toilet cistern is overflowing - Can you help?

We don't want you to be stuck with a squelchy bathroom floor through the night. However, our team of quote busters do need time to sleep and are probably having sweet dreams about sewage by this point. That's why we created the Quick Call feature and agreed with all of our dedicated drainage team that they will respond to all emergency call-outs free of charge. You read it correctly, no emergency callout charge.

What if you can't unblock my drain?

Pffft, unlikely. However, it is possible. Not to worry though because we have the Swiss Army Knife of Drainage Companies at our finger tips. Operating three drainage companies across the North East has its advantages, that is, we have a wide range of specialist equipment as and when we need it. If a team come to your home and cannot fix the issue, we may need to call on our colleagues to supply specialist equipment to help us out. We will discuss this with and will do our very best to get your job sorted as soon as possible.

My drain smells really bad - Does that mean it's blocked?

Not necessarily, however it does suggest that there is a build up of some not so nice stuff down there. NE Drains can help you elimate those smelly drains using the latest technology in high-pressure drain jetting. Our skilled and experienced team will be able to clean your drains and leave them smelling like, well, not smelly drains.

What do I pay? Who do I pay? When do I pay?

What do I pay?

For standard drain unblocks our fees start from £39.00 and most will be £39.00.

There may be occassions where additional work is required and a blocked drain is not the root cause of the problem. In this instance, our team will fully explain the steps required to rectify the problem and the costs involved in this. We will always show you the evidence we have that suggests extra work is carried out but understnad that you may want a second opinion. With that, we would welcome the opportunity to beat and like-for-like quotes from other local companies.

Who do I pay?

You will pay all fees to our drainage team at NE Drains on the completion of the job. Deposits may be required on large drainage and groundwork projects.

When do I pay?

You should only pay the final balance once the work has been completed and you are satisfied that the problem has been fixed. We will then be in touch to ask for your feedback on your experience.

What's all this about new Septic Tank Regulations?

As of 1st January 2020, septic tanks are no longer allowed to discharge to a watercourse, or to a soakaway system other than a drainage field. Make sure you are ready for the new regulations; read through our information on the new regulations and submit a job description if you would like us to source drainage companies who can supply you with a quote.